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The following resources have been designed for you to keep learning on-line about the soft-skills that can keep you energised, in control and taking charge of your life whilst positively influencing the lives of those around you.  Take the time to explore these websites and the content and come back refreshed and empowered.

The Brave Program – online program for reducing anxiety

BRAVE is an online, psychological program for the treatment of childhood and adolescent anxiety.

The Program was developed by a team of researchers at the University of Queensland. As a result, the Program is based on actual research evidence, and parents can rest assured their child is receiving a high quality treatment program.

BRAVE is based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), the most effective method for overcoming anxiety in children and teenagers. Around 80% of children are free of anxiety after completing the therapist-assisted, BRAVE-Online Program.

BRAVE can be completed in your own home, at your own pace, and at a time that suits you. You can also have a BRAVE Trainer help you through the program, someone who works with you to overcome your anxiety. They will email you each week, and even talk to you over the phone during the program


Topics include

·       Keeping your mind and body healthy

·       Taking action against bullying

·       Accepting and including others

·       Being safe on-line

·       Responsible decision making

·       Safety in the on-line world

·       Respectful relationships

·       Making responsible decisions

Topics include

·       Physical and mental health for learning

·       Taking action against bullying and violence

·       Valuing diversity and inclusion

·       Respectful relationships


Myths about eating disorders

Kids Health

Topics include

·       Connections                         Gratitude

·      Healthy Lifestyles                Mindfulness        

·      Optimism                             Positive Psychology

·      Flow                                      Forgiveness

      Hope                                      Kindness

 Meaning                               Strength

Topics include

Anger                                  Bi-polar disorder

Drugs                                  Eating disorders

Personality Disorders

 Sex                                     Self-harm

Alcohol                               Anxiety

 Body image                       Grief and loss                                 

LGBTIQATrauma                Depression

Topics include

·       What is gender identity?

·       What is bullying?

·       Understanding sexuality and self-identity

 Dealing with relationships and breakups

 What is anger & the effects on mental health

Topics include

·      Exercise and eating well                           Sleep

·      Meeting new people                                 Coping

·      Self-talk & self-awareness                        Resilience

·    Romantic relationships                              Grief and loss

·     Families                                                       Body image










The following sites and organisations provide confidential on-line and telephone counselling for young people

Free phone call: 1800 55 1800

Webchat: Open 24/7 – 365 days