The Beach School

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About our school

The Beach School is an educational environment that sets challenging, yet attainable, goals for all students.


We aim to provide students with a safe and caring environment in which they can develop positive learning and behavioural outcomes.

The Beach School caters for a maximum of 42 students from Years 7 to 12. These students typically exhibit challenging and disruptive behaviour, have low self-esteem, poor social skills and an inability to adjust to a mainstream educational setting.

Different classes have specific criteria which will be taken into account when assessing the placement of a student. The Beach School aims to deliver an intensive intervention program designed to help students learn to manage their behaviour and integrate successfully back into mainstream schools or alternative suitable settings, such as TAFE (technical and further education) and/or work.

The Beach School offers a program that will develop individualised learning opportunities for students who have exhausted all possible recorded interventions or supports provided by their home school and the Department of Education and Community Support Services.


The Beach School students will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Integrate back to mainstream or alternative suitable settings
  • Think positively about self
  • Make informed choices
  • Learn to manage their behaviours
  • Develop skills for lifelong learning
  • Be a constructive member of the community.

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