The Beach School

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Integration into the school

The Beach School offers two programs: the Standard Program and the Tutorial Program.

On enrolment, students will attend The Beach School through a staged integration process. This is to allow students a gradual orientation to the demands of the program which can be quite different to mainstream school and to make their transition as succesful as possible.

The integration process is listed in the table below – successful completion of 5 days will lead to the next stage of integration.

In individual cases students may be put on a partial attendance program which will be reviewed monthly.

Students are reminded that they must not linger around their referring school when not attending The Beach School, otherwise they may be regarded as trespassers. Students are in the care of their family or caregivers outside these hours of attendance.

The anticipated length of enrolment at The Beach School will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the Department of Education Placement Panel.

Students referred in Years 7 or Year 8 will be limited to a twelve month program unless there are extenuating circumstances which would need to be reviewed by the Department of Education Placement Panel.