The Beach School

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Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) aboutt The Beach School. 

Is there a school uniform?

No, but we do have a dress code.

How long do I attend The Beach School?

Each student's placement is assessed individually. Most placements are for a minimum of 1 term and a maximum of 4 terms. However, a minimum of 2 terms is needed to consolidate learning and prepare for integration to the next setting.

Are the rules the same as mainstream?

Yes, we follow the the Department of Education policies and procedures, including the suspension and expulsion policy. Areas that the school focus on are bullying, violence, smoking and other substances. 

Can I have my mobile phone at school?

The school appreciates most parents will want to have contact with their child travelling to and from school. However, during school hours phones must be handed in. It is also a good idea to leave valuable items, such as iPods at home.

What work will I do at The Beach School?

All key learning areas (KLAs) are covered at The Beach School. On top of this we offer extra curricular activities such as Duke of Edinburgh program, extension creative arts and community fitness.

Where to from The Beach School?

Students have a right of return to their referring home school or may elect to transfer to a different mainstream setting. Some students may move into a TAFE (technical and further education) program, a work program or a combination of both.

Is there a canteen?

No. Students will be provided with food.

How many students are in my class?

The Beach School has 6 classes with 7 students in each class, with a teacher and a School Learning Support Officer per class.


Students at The Beach School are entitled to the same bus pass requirements as all other students in mainstream schools. The office can assist students in obtaining a bus pass if they meet the requirements.

The area around the school is serviced by both State Transit Authority bus service and also by Forest Coach Lines. Students can easily walk to Warringah Mall where there is a major bus stop on Pittwater Road.

The privately run Forest Coach Lines bus service also runs from inside Warringah Mall. Students can alight from buses running along Allambie Road close to Lyly Road.

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