The Beach School

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Dress Code

The Beach School works towards recognising, valuing and developing each student as a total and unique person in society.

We encourage the individual to develop their own identity and to take responsibility and pride in their own appearance.

This is done through:

  • maintaining personal hygiened
  • ressing in an appropriate fashion.

The Beach School does not have a uniform, as students come from many different schools and do not always return to the referring school at the completion of their study at The Beach School. Instead the school has a dress code.

This dress code requires that:

  • clothes are clean and in good condition
  • clothes are not revealing
  • singlet tops are not allowed
  • bare midriff tops are not allowed
  • no offensive slogans
  • no advertising of drugs (including tobacco and alcohol)
  • closed in shoes for work health and safety reasons.

Students who breach these standards will be offered replacement clothing for the day from our clothing pool or asked to return home and change into more appropriate clothing.