The Beach School

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Referral to The Beach School

A referral to The Beach School is made by the mainstream school's Learning and Support Team. The Access Request Form is to be signed by the parents or carers, Principal, Learning and Support Team Representative, School Counsellor and District Guidance Officer. 

The Learning and Engagement Officer contacts The Beach School counsellor with a list of applicants and schools. The Beach School Counsellor contacts the referring schools and requests student files and may organise school visits to meet with students, their case coordinators and relevant school personnel including Year Advisor, Executive staff and LaST teacher (Learning and Support Teacher). A parent/carer and student visit to The Beach School is arranged.

Applications will be considered when all procedures have been completed. The Beach School Program Review Panel meets to review referrals and current enrolments. The Learning and Engagement Officer and the DGO (District Guidance Officer) attend Department of Education and Communities Placement meetings where a final decision regarding placement is made.

If the referral is approved the mainstream school and parent/carer are notified by the Learning and Engagement Officer with a letter of offer.

A parent/carer and student meeting should have already occurred at The Beach School before a Letter of Offer is sent and accepted. Enrolment procedures and documentation should be completed at this time including the Letter of Offer acceptance.  The Letter of Offer acceptance should then be forwarded to the Learning and Engagement Officer.

The school aims to start the student at The Beach School within two weeks of a Letter of Offer. Students will integrate into The Beach School over two weeks or longer if required.

The student retains their place at the referring school.

All students are reviewed each term (parent/carer and supporting agencies to attend) to discuss the student's progress. Documentation is placed on the guidance file for future reference.

For those students who have not met their programmed goals or have not been offered a place at The Beach School, a case conference with Department of Education representatives is organised to discuss other placement options and settings. This meeting is organised by the Principal of the referring school.