The Beach School

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Food and break times

There is no canteen at The Beach School, however food will be supplied as follows.

Breakfast is available to students  before class.

Toast, cereal, water and plain milk will be provided for students to make their own breakfast under staff supervision.

Students will be expected to place their plates, cups and crockery in the dishwasher and clean up the bench space.

Morning Tea and Lunch


Please note students are welcome to bring their own food. This must be healthy, including no sweets,  junk food or soft drinks.

Students will not have access to a microwave, hot water or a toaster to heat food.

Please contant the school if your child has any food allergies or cultural/religious beliefs that would require an amended food menu for your child.

Break times are fully supervised by staff.

Code of conduct

Students are expected to:

  • Wait their turn
  • Only use an appropriate portion size
  • Be considerate of others
  • Clean up after themselves.

If the above rules are not followed students will be required to bring food from home.