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Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Award (DOE) is an integral part of our school program that we encourage all of our students to participate in.

The DOE includes hiking up and down the steepest terrain that the Berowra Valley National Park has to offer, paddling through the calm waters of  Kangaroo Valley and helping out the community by preparing and serving food and coffee with money raised donated to local charities.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is an enriching and highly valued component of the student's time at The Beach School. Visit the Duke of Edinburgh website for more information.

We offer the Bronze Award which has four components:

  • Physical Recreation (3 months)
  • Skill (3 months)
  • Service (3 months)
  • Adventurous Journey (2 days and 1 night).

These are the minimum requirements and demonstrate the commitment needed by our students.

Adventurous Journey

Let's take a closer look at our Adventurous Journey.

Day 1

We take a beautiful drive down south to our rendezvous point with our camp leader, Rocky, who takes us on a magical mountain bike ride through the lush rainforests of the Illawarra. After this we jump off our bikes and grab our packs for a lovely afternoon walk into our camp.

After Rocky has stopped laughing at us setting up our tents, we prepare our dinner and then play some spotlight on the greatest spotlight field in the Southern Hemisphere (Beach School Book of Records, 2014).

Day 2

Day 2 takes us on a 14km paddle in our double canoes through the lovely national park and farmland. It is here where the scheming and scamming by staff to be paired with the fittest students pays dividends.

Iona is the carp fishing champion 3 years running although she has a slight advantage. She actually has a fishing rod!

Day 3

So by now we are all tired however there is just one more hill to climb... up to the start of the Funnel Web ride at Jamberoo! Yes after all our efforts we are rewarded with a day of sliding and splashing our way around this water park.

It's an enjoyable experience for all!