The Beach School

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All students at The Beach School are given the same opportunities to access the full curriculum that is available to their peers in other school.

We deliver teaching across all Key Learning Areas and electives, as mandated by NESA. Additionally students may access our Vocational Education and Personal Development programs.

Our staff are highly passionate and like to challenge and reward students as they learn. In addition to more tradtional learning, below are some examples of activities a student may be exposed to at The Beach School.


I know what you're thinking. What do rockets have do to with academics? Well here at The Beach School we like to do things a little differently. By using Trigonometry, we can estimate the height of the rocket at its apex. Here's how we do it......

Cheese Making

All our staff have been trained in the art of Camembert and Feta cheese making. In the cheese making process we link heavily to the Science syllabus in areas of bacteria and mould growth and the PDHPE syllabus with personal hygiene.