The Beach School

Telephone02 9905 9451

Concerns and complaints

If at any time you find that you have a concern about any aspect of the school, you are encouraged to advice us so that your concern can be addressed and we can work collaboratively towards a solution.

We strive to work with all of our school community to ensure that we do the very best we can to ensure a productive, safe and enjoyable experience for our students. 

However, should you feel that you must raise a concern formally, the NSW Department of Education has procedures for ensuring that complaints are handled fairly.  A brochure which provides information about how to lodge a complaint and a Complaint Form is available from the school office. 

Further information is also available in the department's Complaints Handling Guidelines which includes a guide to Lodging a Complaint. These documents can be accessed on the department's website.

Anti-Racism Contact Officer

The Beach School now has a nominated Anti-Racism Contact Officer (ARCO).

The ARCO's role has four major aspects:

  • Mediator role: On receiving a complaint the ARCO, in certain circumstances, may attempt to negotiate an informal resolution.
  • Procedural role: If an informal resolution is not appropriate or satisfactory then the complainant has the option of lodging a formal complaint. Although a written complaint is not a requirement, the ARCO may assist the complainant in writing the complaint should the need arise.
  • Educational role: The ARCO promotes anti-racism education in the school.
  • Monitoring role: The ARCO assists the Principal to maintain records of complaints and allegations concerning racism, decide what data regarding complaints about racism should be collected, identify significant statistical trends in relation to complaints about racism and implement actions arising from complaints of racism.

If you have any concerns regarding racism feel free to contact Adrian (ARCO) during normal school hours on 02 9905 9451 or email